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Investigation of semantic and pragmatic competence:

  • Drozd, K., Musolino, J., and van der Lely, H. K. J. (revision submitted) Processing of Universal Quantification in Typically Developing Children and Children with Grammatical SLI, Language.
  • Skordi, A, Katsos, N, Marshall, C., van der Lely, H. K. J.(revision submitted) What can children with Grammatical-SLI reveal about the nature of Scalar Implicatures? Language Development and Language Learning and development
  • Sauerland, Uli (in print). The computation of scalar implicatures: Pragmatic, lexical, or grammatical? Language and Linguistics Compass
  • Yatsushiro, Kazuko (2008). Quantifier Acquisition: presuppositions of ‘every’. In Atle Grønn (ed.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 12, 663-677. Oslo: University of Oslo.


Investigation of morpho-syntactic competence:

Relative Clauses

  • Adani, F. Forgiarini, M., Guasti, M. T. & van der Lely, H, K.J. (submitted) “Number dissimilarities facilitate the comprehension of relative clause in children affected by (Grammatical) Specific Language Impairment” Journal of child language.
  • Guasti, M.T., Branchini, C., Arosio, F. & Vernice M. (in press) A developmental study of subject and object relatives in Italian. Revue Roumaine de Linguistique.
  • Arosio, F.,  Y., Yatsushiro, Forgiarini, M., Guasti M.T. (to appear in Language, Learning and Development) Morphological information and memory resources in the acquisition of German relative clauses.
  • Sevcenco, A., L. Avram, I. Stoicescu (to appear in 2012) “Direct Object Relative Clauses: the acquisition of a variable construction”. Selected Proceedings of the Romance Turn IV. Cambridge Scholars Publ.
  • Branchini, C., Arosio, F., Vernice, E. Tenca, E. Roncaglione, M., Guasti, M.T. (in prep) Production of relative clauses and wh-questions in italian-speaking children with SLI.

Clitic Pronouns

  • Arosio, F., Branchini, C., Barbieri, L., Guasti, M.T. (submitted). Evaluating morphosyntactic, semantic and pragmatic abilities in the search of persistent clinical markers of SLI in Italian children.


  • Avram,L., A. Sevcenco (2011) “Pronominal clitics in Romanian: a clinical marker of specific language impairment?” In M. Burada (ed.) Proceedings of the 10th Conference on British and American Studies, Transilvania University, Brasov, Editura Universitatii din Brasov.


  • Arosio, F., Branchini, C., Forgiarini M., Roncaglione, E., Carravieri E., Tenca E., Guasti M. T. (2010) SLI children’s weakness in morphosyntax and pragmatics. Proceedings of the Tokyo Conference in Psycholinguistics. Tokyo: Hitozi, Syobo Publishing.


Adjective Gradation

  • Kamandulyte-Merfeldiene, L., Dressler, W.U., FĂźrst, B., Sauerland, U. (2010). ‘On the acquisition of adjective gradation in Lithuanian and German.’  Darbai ir Dienos [Acta et Commentationes Vytauti Magni], 54:  267-275. .


GAPS and Identification of SLI and Dyslexia:

  • Vernice, M., Arosio, F., Branchini, C., Carravieri, E., Tenca, X, van der Lely, H. Guasti, M.T. (submitted) Una prova di fonologia e grammatica per l’identificazione di bambini con possibili disturbi del linguaggio (A phonological and grammar test for the identification of children with language impairments).
  • van der Lely H. K. J., Payne, E., & McClelland, A. (2011). An investigation to validate the Grammar and Phonology Screening (GAPS) Test to identify children with Specific Language Impairment. PloS ONE, 6(7): e22432. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022432
  • Sauerland, U. and Yatsushiro, K. (in press). Welche Kinder sind in SprachfĂśrderschulen? Eine Regressionsanalyse anhand von Standardtests. In: J. Heide, Spektrum Patholinguistik. Potsdam, Germany
  • Ruzaite, J.,_DabaĹĄinskiene, I.(2010) ‘Specific language impairment and diagnosis: adaptation of a diagnostic test for Lithuanian’. Darbai ir Dienos [Acta et Commentationes Vytauti Magni], 54: 217-224. (CLAD-GAPS]
  • Guasti, M.T. (to appear in PROCEEDINGS OF GALA 2011) Oral skills deficit in children with Developmental Dyslexia.


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Aims of the project

  • Investigate language acquisition processes in typically developing children and in children affected by language impairments and compare their different developmental paths.
  • Understand to which extent we find an overlap between Specific Language Impairments and Dyslexia.
  • Develop a set of clinical markers to identify children at risk of Specific Language Impairments or/and Dyslexia.